Key Deadlines and Expert Witness Update

The Inspector’s Notes of the Pre-Inquiry Meeting held on 15 January 2020 have been published as Inquiry document – PID.001 . The formal Notice has also been published as PID.002 .

NB: Please note there has been a change to the Transport Expert Witness named in the above Notes of PIM – Philip Thiele will now appear in place of Andrew Bamforth.

Key Deadlines:

Respondents to confirm as soon as possible with the PO if they wish to appear at the Inquiry.

Deadline target date for proofs of evidence is 12 February 2020 and should be sent to the PO as outlined in the initial letter/email to Respondents and Notes of PIM.

Any suggested alternatives for the scheme should be submitted to Welsh Government without delay with a final Deadline of 25 February 2020.

Questions of clarification for Welsh Government witnesses to be submitted by 3 March 2020 with responses from Welsh Government by the start of the Inquiry (if possible).